Ancient & Classical History

There are many sites on the internet that address the topics of Ancient Greece and Rome. The following are a selection that include time lines, biographical sources, artifacts and history:

Ancient Greece

  • Ancient Greece
    Broken down by topics like Architecture, Geography, History. Easily understood information.
  • Chronology of Ancient Greece
    University of Evansville site. Enter specific areas of the site by choosing time period you wish to study.
  • Architecture of Ancient Greece
    University of Colorado at Colorado Springs maintains this site. Topics are broken down by category.
  • Ancient Civilizations
    Information on this site was designed to satisfy the cirriculum requirement of the grade 3 level in Virginia.
  • Art from Ancient Greece
    Detroit Institute of Art antiquities collection is featured on this site.
  • Ancient Greece
    This link will take you to part of the History Online site. You can access other historical periods as well from this page.
  • Ancient Olympics
    Tufts University site featuring the Olympics.
  • Ancient Greece
    Washington State University site. Sparta was one of the city states that rivaled Athens for power. A society of warriors, Spartan life was focused on the development of the best fighting machine.
  • Artwork of Ancient Greece
    University of Pennsylvania maintains this look at artifacts from Ancient Greece.
  • Ancient Athenians
    Take a look at the history and artifacts of the city state of Athens.
  • Ancient Greece
    This page is organized in time line/topic format. Also other periods of history may be accessed from this page.
  • Royalty-free pictures for use by students and educators

Ancient Rome