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Antonia MacPherson, Ant to her friends, is the imperfect middle child in what she sees as a very perfect family.  Ant feels so out of it that she is sure that she is adopted and that her “real” parents will be coming to get her any day.  The more complicated her life becomes, the more she expects to be rescued by her real parents.  She and her best friend Hamilton are misfits at school too.  The only affection Ant seems to get is from Hamilton and her dog Pistachio.  When her art teacher takes an interest in Ant, changes are inevitable, not only for Ant but for her family, her real family,

Welcome to the Berlin Public Library

STORYTIME BEGINS IN OCTOBER  It is hard to believe that summer is over and school has begun.  As our thoughts turn to fall we do have something to look forward to, STORYTIME FOR PRESCHOOLERS!  Our program for toddlers and preschoolers begins on October 8 at 10 in the morning.  This Wednesday morning program is a sure sign of fall.  Take this opportunity to expose your children to stories, fingerplays and songs that stretch their imaginations and improve their aural vocabulary.  Don't miss our adult book discussion at the end of the month.  Check the calendar of events for programs in October.  Our Book Sale is in full swing.  Sale of these books augments our book budget for the year.  Come in and check out the gently used books that are on sale.  You won't find a better bargain in town!  September is Library Card Month.  If you don't have a card stop in and get one.  You will need a photo ID and proof of current address.  

SUMMER READING IS ENDING  Thank you to all the children who participated in the Summer Reading Program!  121 children read during the six week period that began on June 16.  Although the number may seem small the readers chalked up over 50,000 minutes of reading thus far this summer.  That is the most minutes read in the 14 years Christine Carroll has been running the program at the library.  Attendance at the various programs broke records.  Over 115 children and more than 20 adults came to the last program with Noelle Tarrant and her animal presentation ZooZort.  A favorite memory will be the chinchilla bathing with chinchilla dirt in her Barbie bathtub.  Our Reader of the week was Cedrick Jackson.  The winners of the Grand Prizes were Blake Mertens (cat), Mary Fugmann (Lion), Cindy Liu (seal), Anna Waltenberry (dragon) and John Behnke (maze book).  All of these winners read for more than 3 weeks and several for all 6 weeks.  Congratulations to the prize winners and to all the reading participants.  It is good to remember that all of the readers are winners because they are constantly expanding their knowledge of the world.  


            Dan Kirk, juggler extraordinaire, rocked the library last Thursday with his humor and amazing talent with balls plates, Indian Clubs, unicycle and peacock feathers.  Over 130 people filled the first floor of the library and had the best time watching Dan balance, toss and “light up” the room.  He even made a book ignite!  Thursday, June 26 will be open to those who registered for the craft program.  Unfortunately the registration is closed at this time.  However there may be cancelations so feel free to call to see if any spots have opened up.  On July 10 at 3 in the afternoon Scott Obermann will amaze us all with his sleight of hand, as he performs magic in the Kay Swan Room on the second floor of the library.  Don’t miss this great performer who will visit us after the 4th of July. All those who began reading on June 16 will be eligible for their first book on June 23.  If you started a day or two later, fear not!  Just come in after you have read for at least 20 minutes on 7 different days and pick up your free book and enter into the grand prize drawing that will take place on July 31.  It is not too late to begin reading and earning your way to 6 free books and chances on our prize drawing.  Make it a family affair and sign up for the teen or adult reading program and read your way to a free book of your choice.

Summer reading is about to begin at the Berlin Public Library. 

Thursday June 16 will kick off our program, “FIZZ BOOK READ”.   That is the day everyone will begin reading for our free books and for our grand prizes.  The Reading Program will again encourage children to read for 20 minutes a day.  The incentive from the library is a free book for every 7 days of reading.  Everyone will have the opportunity to receive 6 books over the summer.  Also for every completed week of reading each child will have one chance at the “Grand Prizes”.  Teen readers will have the opportunity to order a book of their choice as an incentive to read over the six week period. 

Registration for the Summer Reading Program may be done at the library, by e-mail or by phone beginning June 1. 

On June 19, at 1 in the afternoon,  Dan Kirk, a juggler, will entertain people of all ages.  The next program on June 26 is a craft day open to children over the age of 6.  Registration for this program is limited to 50 children.  Four more programs follow on successive Thursdays in July.  July 10 features Scott Obermann, a magician.  His program is at 3:00 in the afternoon in the Kay Swan room of the library.  On July 17 at 1:00 p.m., Mike Neumeyer will offer a musical program sure to entertain all ages.  Our program with a bang will feature Bill Bosworth and will feature chemistry of the FIZZ and BOOM variety.  It is sure to be a program with a definite WOW factor.  Our final program will feature Noelle Tarrant and a number of animals.  This program will culminate with the grand prize drawing for the summer reading program. 

Contact information is as follows:  Anni Jones Berlin Public Library, 920-361-5420, director@berlinlibrary.org.


DISPLAY WALL:  Our display wall is looking for a theme for the months of July, September and November!  I you have an art collection that you are prepared to share with the community call the library and book one of these months.

LONG OVERDUE MATERIALS:The Berlin Public Library in an effort to save time and money has undertaken a program to recover materials that are seriously overdue. We have hired Unique Management Services, a collection agency that works with libraries throughout the United States to contact patrons with materials that are considered lost.  Material loss is a serious problem.  It costs library patrons a great deal of money and inconvenience when library materials are not returned.  There are options that you may take to avoid consequences to your credit rating.  Renew items via phone, over the internet or in person at the Berlin Public Library.  Work with the library to clear your account over a period of time.  Your efforts will help the library money go further for the entire community.

PROGRAMS:  Saturday April 19th at 10am Laura Keyes will adopt the persona of  Laura Ingalls Wilder for a program here at the library.  Laura Ingalls Wilder: The Real Story – Hear the real history of Laura Ingalls Wilder, and discover the times, places, and people who inspired her wonderful books.

As in years past the library will be holding an egg decorating program on Saturday April 12, at 10 in the morning.  Avoid the mess and spills at your house and join us at the library for a morning of decorating fun.  This is a free program and all materials except for hard boiled eggs will be provided for children participating.  Call and sign your child up, boil half a dozen eggs (or more) and bring your child to one of our best attended programs of the year.  There is a limit of 20 children so sign up early and don’t miss out on the fun.

SUPEREASY DOWNLOAD FOR KINDLE USERS:  Try downloading to your Kindle or other device directly from our catalog.  Put in your favorite author’s name and when results appear narrow your search to e-books.  Scroll down to see if any volumes are available.  If they are, you click on CHECK OUT, verify your library card number and pin number (last 4 digits of your phone number) and lo and behold it is checked out!  You will be directed to go to your account where you have the option of returning the book or downloading.  Choose the format you need, in my own case Kindle.  Kindle users will be directly connected with Amazon, where one click of “Get Library Book” downloads the title wirelessly to your device.  It was so easy I was amazed a non-techy person like me did it in a flash.  If you are hesitant, bring in your device and we will help you with a sample download.  Even better news is the fact that if you make a mistake, or just don’t like the book you can return it immediately!  I am absolutely hooked!

PARDON OUR DUST!:  Have you been looking for the bubbler lately?  It is missing in action!  We are in the process of adding a unisex bathroom to the second floor and until the plumbing is completed it is advisible to bring your own water bottle to the library.  Many patrons have bemoaned the fact that there was not a restroom on the second floor and we agreed with their assessment.  We hope people who come to meetings or programs at the library will see the addition as a positive change.  Check out our FACEBOOK page for pictures of the construction. 

E-BOOKS: Are you looking for a children's or young adult e-book? Are they hard to find among all the other books on Overdrive.  Try this link that will automatically take you to children's and teen e-books on Overdrive.http://sql.winnefox.org/winnefox/er/go.asp?lib=ber&db=okt

ADULT BOOK DISCUSSIONS:  Join us the last Wednesday of each month for an adult book discussion.  This is open to everyone and is very informal.  The book of the month can be found on the calendar on our website.  Stop in the library to pick up a copy to read in advance.

WHAT’S NEW AT THE LIBRARY: Over the last year two collections have disappeared from library shelves, videos and audio books on cassette.  The last of the books on cassette were withdrawn from the children’s collection and are now replaced with PLAYAWAY BOOKPACKS.  BOOKPACKS consist of an MP3 player and a set of picture books.  All of the books can be listened to on the MP3 player.  A set of earphones and a battery are required.  The checkout period is 3 weeks.  Check out “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” and other Mo Willems favorites along with many other author and classic collections.  We have also recently purchased CD’s of this year’s Grammy nominees and have ordered the movies nominated for academy awards.  Not all are being released to DVD before the awards ceremony but the will be available at the library as soon as they arrive.

The displays in the library for the next months will feature the art of our local schools.  Presently, art from Berlin High School is featured on the display wall and the display cases. 

Have you noticed our new neon sign that lets you know when we are open?  There is no missing it! 

STORYTIME REGISTRATION:  Storytime will begin on February 5 and continue until April 17.  The Wednesday session is held at 10 in the morning and the "Family Storytime" held on thursday evenings is at 6:30.  Preschoolers and their families are invited to join in this half hour of stories songs and fingerplays for this spring session.  Call the library at 361-5420 or register at the desk when you come in. Although attendance at every session is not required, there is a minimum group requirement for the session to take place.  If you are interested in either group call or stop in to register. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR:  As 2014 begins, the staff at the library would like to thank everyone who supported the library in the last year.  Over 100,000 people visited the library, an average of over 300 people a day.  Those patrons used the computers, borrowed books, movies magazines and music, researched the lives of their relatives, made copies, typed a variety of documents, picked up tax forms, met with people in many community groups, came to watch children’s movies on Tuesday night, accessed electronic books and magazines, read the papers and used the wireless access the library provides.  Many used staff expertise to learn more about the internet, and how to use those new “gadgets” considerate relatives gave them for Christmas.  Hundreds of children and adults enjoyed the entertainment provided through the Summer Reading Program.  Adult programs included everything from care of our gardens to care of our minds.  Those patrons who visited also noted the disappearance of several collections, videos, and books on cassette to name two.  They also saw the arrival of digital books in the form of Playaways, books on MP3 players.  What did everyone check out?  This past year 32,000 adult books and 27,000 children’s books were read.  Over 2500 magazines were enjoyed.  Over 3000 books and 4500 CD’s were listened to by young and old alike. Over 45000 movies were watched.  All in all it was a “good year” and we are thankful for it and for all the community support we have enjoyed.

DIG INTO READING:  Summer reading is about to begin at the Berlin Public Library.  Registration for all summer programs will begin on May 28.  Children signing up for the program will again have their pictures taken for their “passport” into a summer of fun!  Thursday June 13 will kick off our program, “Dig Into Reading” with a craft program at 1:00 p.m. open to children of 6 and up (finished kindergarten).  Registration is required for the craft day.  Five more programs follow on successive Thursdays.  June 20 features Jason Huneke, a master juggler.  The program is at 1 in the afternoon.  On June 27 at 3 p.m., Bob Bosworth will dig into the world of “Bugs Beetles and Bookworms.  There will be two programs on July 11.  Paul Meiklein will present a cartooning workshop for all ages at 1 in the afternoon.  At 3 he will have a “hands on” workshop for teens only about how to cartoon.  Registration is required for this teen event.  Daryl Rogers will stretch our credibility with amazing magic on July 18 at 1 in the afternoon.  Our final program will feature Nature’s Niche a program full of animals.  This program will culminate with the grand prize drawing for the summer reading program. 

The Reading Program will again encourage children to read for 20 minutes a day.  The incentive from the library is a free book for every 7 days of reading.  Everyone will have the opportunity to receive 6 books over the summer.  Also for every completed week of reading each child will have one chance at the “Grand Prizes”.  Registration for the Summer Reading Program may be done at the library, by e-mail or by phone.  Contact information is as follows:  Anni Jones, Berlin Public Library, 920-361-5420, director@berlinlibrary.org.

The programs for teens and adults will also require registration at the library.  Teens are also being asked to read for at least 20 minutes a day and to record their reading in a "passport". There will be a weekly drawing for Shepherd's gift certificates.  The first completed week will also qualify for a handy bookbag that collapses into a small zipper pouch.  Adults will also qualify for the zipper pouch after one week of reading.  Completion of weekly reading will qualify adult readers for a drawing for Berlin "Chamber" dollars that can be spent at local businesses. 

KIDS @ THE MOVIES:  Join us at the library every Tuesday evening in March and April for a family night of children's movies.  Movies like Madly Madagascar, Pirates, Band of Misfits and others will be entertaining for all members of your family.  Showings are at 6 p.m. and generally last for 90 minutes.  Check the calendar on the web page for which film is being shown.  Those movies that exceed 2 hours will begin earlier.  Check for any time changes by calling the library at 920-361-5420.

REGISTER FOR STORYTIME:  Storytime for preschoolers will begin the week of February 4.  Call to register for the Wednesday or Thursday storytime or stop at the desk when you are in the library.


Our on line catalog is being upgraded and will boast some great new features to help you find material of interest to you.  Go to our online catalog and choose “TRY OUR NEW CATALOG” to begin enjoying the new features that will be soon available to you.  Keep in mind there is still work in progress and you may not be able to log in at all times.  If you can’t, try again at another time.  We will let you know when it is up and running as our main catalog. 

One of the first differences that you will notice is that you are first asked to select the library of your choice.  For Berlin Library patrons that would be BERLIN.  You are immediately able to start your search from the most general category of “all fields”, or you may select a narrower search of title, author or subject.  In the all fields, title and subject searches you will have a number of options, a click away, to narrow your search.    Most notably across the top of your search you will be able to select the format of material you want, from book to movie to e-book.   You may also narrow your search by library, age group, genre and author.  There are a number of new features that allow you to keep a list of your favorites, create a book bag for consideration before placing a hold and even short biographies of an author when you search by author.  If you would like a “personal” tour around the upcoming catalog stop in at the library and let us “show you around.”

Have you tried dowloading e-books from our free resource "OVERDRIVE".  We have held several workshops explaining how to download to your own Nook or Kindle or other e-reader.  If you have missed the workshops and would like to get started downloading e-books, handouts of instructions for your devise are available at the library.  For personal help call for an appointment and arrangements will be made to assist you.  Another popular resource for the travel season are Playaways.  These personal MP3 players are loaded with one book title and can be listened to individually with the addition of earphones and an AA battery.  There are converters available that allow you to play the device through your car speaker system by hooking into the earphone jack.  Books like "Touching Spirit Bear" may be enjoyed by the whole family as you drive. 

If you have questions about any of our programs please call the library during business hours at 920-361-5420.

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toolboxCar & truck repair info from 1954 models on up at our Auto Repair Reference Center. Includes wiring diagrams!