Hans Christian Andersen and His Tales

Tune in to the Berlin Public Library Facebook page on Monday, June 8 at 6 pm for a Live Badger Talk on "Hans Christian Andersen and His Tales" by Nete Schmidt.

This talk is about the amazing Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. This talk will provide a historical background and context, discuss Hans Christian Andersen’s childhood and formative years, and then use his tale “The Little Mermaid” to demonstrate his art, power, and relevance as a writer today. Discussion of the tale is encouraged.

Nete Schmidt teaches Danish language classes as well as various classes on Scandinavian Literature and Area Studies. For several years, Nete lived in Bjerringbro, Denmark, where she worked as a Professor of English and Danish at Bjerringbro Junior College, taught courses in English and American Literature at the University of Aarhus, Denmark, and technical/professional English and Danish at Grundfos Pump Company, Bjerringbro, Denmark. Nete’s main interests are women’s literature, crime literature, science fiction, poetry, and educational philosophy as reflected in literature. Nete has written five books, been privileged with two Fulbright scholarships, and enjoys translating books, articles, and letters.

Monday, June 8, 2020 - 6:00pm