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NEED SOMETHING TO READ.  DOWNLOAD YOUR FAVORITE MAGAZINE ANYTIME, ANYWHERE WITH NO DUE DATE AND NO NEED TO RESERVE ISSUES!Explore the world of digital magazines with your library card.  The Berlin Public Library is excited to announce access to over 70 digital magazines, on demand and downloadable to your tablet or Smartphone with the free ZINIO app, or use your Mac or PC.  There is no due date and no limit on the number of magazines you may choose.  For help getting set up with a ZINIO account ask library staff or follow the instructions online.  Click on the ZINIO logo to get started.  Once you are registered there are written instructions and also a very detailed video on how to proceed.  Back issues are also available.

HUNGER GAMES FANS:  Dystopian novels that turn the world as we know it on its edge are certainly the genre of choice among young adult readers.  If Hunger Games was the best book you read in years, try these others, all found in the Young Adult area of the library:  City of Ember by DuPrau, Among the Hidden and its sequels by Haddix, Forest of Hands and Teeth by Ryan, House of the Scorpion by Farmer, Maze Runner by Dasher, Inferior by O Guilin, and the Uglies series by Westerfield. 

A Cold Day For Murder, Dana Stabenow:  Kate Shugak retreats to her father’s home place to recover from a near fatal attack in the line of duty as a homicide investigator in Anchorage Alaska. She resigns from the department and decides to live off the land with few amenities of the outside world. Unfortunately the world intrudes and she is recruited to find a park ranger, a congressman's son who has disappeared, as has the investigator sent after him. This is the first in a series of Kate Shugak mysteries. A good read for those who like Sue Grafton and Judith Jance.

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