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The Berlin Public Library is seeking a dynamic, energetic, and creative person with a strong dedication to customer service to become our Library Director.  We are looking for an innovative person to push our library into the future. 

The preferred candidate will have a Master’s in Library Science (ALA accredited), the ability to obtain Grade 1 Public Librarian Certification, and supervisory and managerial experience.

The salary range is $45,000 plus, commensurate with experience.  Competitive benefits include paid sick leave, paid holidays, personal leave, paid vacation, Wisconsin Retirement System, health and life insurance, deferred compensation and flexible spending options.

Some weekends and evenings are required.
Start date: December 1, 2014
Job description

To apply complete this job application form.

Deadline for applications is July 31, 2014.

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Antonia MacPherson, Ant to her friends, is the imperfect middle child in what she sees as a very perfect family.  Ant feels so out of it that she is sure that she is adopted and that her “real” parents will be coming to get her any day.  The more complicated her life becomes, the more she expects to be rescued by her real parents.  She and her best friend Hamilton are misfits at school too.  The only affection Ant seems to get is from Hamilton and her dog Pistachio.  When her art teacher takes an interest in Ant, changes are inevitable, not only for Ant but for her family, her real family,