Fees & Fines

Patrons may not check out materials if there is a fine of $5.00 or more on their library cards.


All materials with the exception of videos 10¢ per day per item
Videos & DVDs 50¢ per day per video

A book overdue 30 days is considered lost and a replacement cost is charged against the borrower's card. The charge for lost materials is replacement cost with the exceptions listed below. A standard replacement cost is applied when the list price is not available.

Magazines $5.00
Pamphlets $5.00
Uncataloged Item $5.00
Items returned without barcodes 50¢ fine

If a missing item which has been paid for is found in good condition and returned to the library within 6 months, (along with the receipt) a refund will be given. A $5.00 processing fee will be deducted from the refund plus the fine for late return of materials.

Damaged materials will be assessed by the librarian. Charges will vary due to the degree of damage. If the item cannot be returned to the shelf because of the damage, a replacement cost will be charged.